Shadowcat have created this service to allow organisations to start an audit of their data and processes in regards to the incoming legislative changes in the UK and Europe.

Our custom audit form and report will assess your current company profile and offer recommendations and advice so that you can start to move towards compliance with existing data practice and the changing data legislation.

We specifically make reference to the GDPR which will affect all businesses who deal with the data of EU citizens or anyone residing in Europe as of May 2018. The GDPR will also affect all organisations who process data on behalf of other companies who have information on EU citizens and residents.

This service makes no claims to protect you, or make you compliant. Each organisation is unique and Shadowcat are responsible in treating them as such. It is also important that not just leaders of an organisation but every staff member completes an audit and is reviewed and our service will start you on that process.


The initial audit and report is a single charge of £299 + VAT for the organisation and one member of staff.

For each additional member of staff you wish to add to the Audit (these would only be employees who use equipment that is taken off site) there is a charge of £50 + VAT (for each individual staff member or audited person thereafter). To add additional members of staff please just keep pressing the button until the desired number is obtained or type directly into the form.

Once you have paid you can feel free to enter the details on the audit form on the company or employee page. Note that for employees you need to use a prefix (your company name is good) and a number. We do not collect the name or personal details of your employees and will refer to them only as [company][number] (i.e. it might be Shadowcat03). We rely on you keeping the personal details of your staff and they are not required for this audit.

The audit form is constructed to be as clear as possible, however this is still a complex and lengthy process. If you would like help in filling out this form we can offer this as a service. To discuss this further please contact info@shadow.cat.

Please ensure that the email used to make the payment matches that entered for the business in the Audit form so that we can track all payments and audits.

Audit & Report (includes one person/employee):

Each extra employee (repeat press for each extra person or type the figure in the form and press return):